Veterinarian Dr Vinay Gorhe:

 In the mid 1970’s, a ten-year-old Vinay Gorhe spent a lot of time with his cats at home. Then he went looking for stray dogs he could feed. Somewhere during these interactions, he dreamt of becoming a vet. Forty years later, Dr Vinay Gorhe is among the most respected vets and has among the best equipped clinics to treat small animals in Pune.

The journey began when he finished veterinary studies from the Bombay Veterinary College in 1984. A stint with the Katraj Dairy followed. Next, he worked with the PMC as a veterinarian for the then Peshwe Park (zoo) and soon he began the search for a place to start practice on his own. He found it in the verandah of Nandakumar Jadhav, near Karve Statue in Kothrud, Pune. That was 30 years ago. Now, his swanky clinic is situated just across the road from where he began.

What he loves most about the job is that every day is different – there’s never a ‘normal’ day and never a ‘boring’ one. In fact, taking a day off just doesn’t work. His mantra: patience with patients. He says communicating effectively with pet parents as well as with pets is hugely rewarding. As a vet, his job for any case is to keep the welfare of the pet and the ability of the owner to nurture it at the top of his mind.

Dr Gorhe is the author of the acclaimed Marathi book ‘Guni Sobti: Kutra Paltana’ translated from Marathi, it means: ‘Taking care of your faithful friend’ and true to its name, the book gives an Indian perspective on what it takes to have a healthy and happy pet. It sheds light on the right way to select a pup, lists the stages of growing up, common diseases, mating, pregnancy and much more. It is a head to toe guide for pet parents.


Dr Swanand Gorhe:

He saw his father wade through late night calls and early morning visits without complaint. He saw him smile at every recovery and he saw him look and high and low for a cure for a sick creature. Thanks to it all, Swanand realised quite early how rewarding his father’s job was. And so when in Std VI, he declared he wanted to become a vet, his dad was overjoyed.

Now, as a surgeon Dr Swanand Gorhe calls it a privilege to join his dad at work. Fond of talking to his pet patients and giving treats to his favourites, Swanand says watching pups recover gives him the biggest boost to work harder. He knows that though walking in his father’s footsteps has come naturally, it has brought him great responsibility.


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