Browse through foods, chews and shampoos in a variety of flavours, select from a long line of leashes, balls, cages, beds and baskets...all in an interesting range of options and prices to please the tastes of pet parents and pets. Spend time with nutrition experts or get counselled by our team to help you decide on the products to take home for your pet. Try these:

  • Scoop that poop with biodegradable poop bags
  • Make travelling with your pet easier with a carry cage
  • Muzzles for those pooches who tend to grab everything they shouldn’t
  • Special grass and pine wood shavings to line cages of hamsters. Install a cute little treadmill for the little  fella as well
  • Perfumes and powders to smell super
  • Oils for aroma therapy

Hop over and indulge your pet and perhaps yourself.

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